The Band

Rudy Zetz

"I started this band right at the beginning of the 80's.  I'd sung with a lot of different people and a lot of different bands by then but this time, I wanted to do something that would reflect MY life and MY sound and what I wanted to do musically.  As a kid, I lived on 4th Street in Midland.  I could walk down that hill and we had this corner we used to hang out on.  There were some rough guys down there but you were allowed to stay if you had something you could do... if you could sing, or play ball or some other thing.  I could sing... so I could stay.  It was right down on the corner of my street and Midland Avenue or if you're from Midland... Main... 4th & Main."


Kenny Perciavalle

"I play lead guitar and sing for Rudy Zetz 4th & Main.  Music has been a lifelong passion, friend and source of enjoyment for me.  I have been playing and singing since I was about seven years old... so it hasn't been THAT long, right?"

"Music is one of the rare gifts in life that brings people together in so many unique ways.  Over the years I have met so many great people and other musicians."

"I have an eclectic taste in music.  From the soul of the 60's, to the British invasion music of the 70's, through the rock and pop 80's and 90's, to today's music."

"Music that rocks, with a groove is the style I enjoy most."


Andy Taravella

"Music is almost everything I do. Even when it isn't in the equation - I somehow put it there. So it's win/win for me."

"Being in this band was a dream of mine since I was young.  My father played with Rudy in the 70's.  He always said that Rudy was a excellent singer but also a great front man.  My father doesn't throw out compliments often (I fish for them all the time and get nothing. lol)  I've been blessed to play with some of the best musicians from the Beaver area and Pittsburgh.  I've learned something from each experience but no other band I've worked with has given me the opportunity to play such a vast variety of genres."

"All the bands before this were leading up to where I could play with guys of this caliber."

John "Johnnie B." Bartholomay

"I started playing guitar when I was 12 and I started playing in bands when I was 15, at some point I switched over to bass guitar and have been on the bass ever since. I still play guitar and write music, but my passion for the bass guitar is what drives me today. The guys in this band are vary talented and we all have the same love for music, which is a rare thing to find in a band. I have been playing music, it seems, for my entire life and it is truly, the one thing I love and enjoy the most about my life."

Bobby Vallecorsa

"Welcome, Bobby, to Rudy Zetz 4th & Main!"

Welcome from band

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